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Get Instant Suspension Repair Wokingham for your vehicle?


The suspension system of a vehicle is a complicated part that ensures optimum driving experience. An optimally functioning car suspension ensures handling comfort and safety on even the bumpiest roads. Some of its key components include springs, struts and shock absorbers Wokingham. Like any other car component, the suspension system too is prone to wear and tear, which subsequently affects your vehicle’s performance.

Hence, come to our facility – ALS Tyres - for a thorough inspection of your car suspension system Wokingham.

Importance of car suspension

Some of the primary functions of a car suspension have been listed below.

    • To provide consistent handling and braking.
    • Prevents premature tyre wear.
    • Keeps the car tyres in proper contact with the road.
    • To reduce vehicle bounce and roll, etc.

Signs of a failing suspension system

If you come across any of the signs discussed below, we recommend you to reach our suspension repairing garage Wokingham at the earliest.

    • One corner of the vehicle sits too low

If your car is on an even surface but one of the corners sits lower than the others, it is mostly likely that the suspension spring is damaged. You’ll hear a clunking noise that is quite audible while going over bumps, and cornering could be compromised too as damaged springs cannot support the vehicle’s weight.

    • Feeling every bump on the road

A rough riding experience is an indication of worn-out shock absorber Wokingham or struts. If your car bounces on every small bump on the road, take a cue and reach us for a thorough suspension system inspection.

    • Damaged and oily shocks

Greasy shocks or struts are a clear indication of leaking fluid. Under such circumstances, you must opt for immediate shock absorber replacement Wokingham.

How can we help?

A vehicle’s suspension system consists of multiple essential components that must work optimally to deliver a comfortable driving experience. At our suspension repair Wokingham, we inspect the following components and replace them, if necessary:

    • Bearings and bushings.
    • Shock absorbers and struts.
    • Wheels and tyres.
    • Springs.
    • Linkages, etc

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Our establishment is updated with the newest equipment, and we have skilled technicians who are adept at suspension repairing service Wokingham.

So, head over to our garage, ALS Tyres, instead of wasting your time by searching for a “car suspension repair near me”.

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