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Are you looking for Summer Check for your vehicle?


After the UK's winters, it is only normal that some of your car components will need a tune-up to get road-ready for the summers. Various components, like tyres, wiper blades, coolant, battery, etc., need to be in top working condition for you to enjoy a safe and comfortable driving experience.

If you are looking for professional car summer check Wokingham, ALS Tyresis the ideal and reliable service station.

Checks included in our summer vehicle service Wokingham

    • Tyres: Our team will ensure that the tyres installed on your vehicle have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm.
    • In case it is below 1.6mm, we will recommend you to get specialised summer tyres for your car for maximum handling performance and fuel efficiency.
    • Engine oil: Experts at ALS Tyres will check the engine oil levels and change or refill as necessary. While at it, we will also inspect if there is any leakage or issue in the system.
    • Battery: Faulty power discharge from a car battery can affect ignition as well as the functioning of headlights, brake lights, indicators, etc. In case you are noticing any anomalies in your car's electronics, it is in your best interest to seek professional car summer check Wokingham immediately.
    • Coolant: Absence of optimal coolant levels can cause your car engine to seize and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere. Our technicians will check the coolant level and provide a top-up if necessary.
    • Wiper blades: Summers in the UK face a considerable amount of rain. Your car’s wiper blades must be in top-notch condition to provide you with a clear vision of the road ahead.
    • Air-conditioning: Our experts will also check your car air conditioning system’s compressor, condenser, evaporator, and other components to make sure they are functioning optimally.

In addition to these, we may also check some other components based on your vehicle’s condition.

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